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What's gonna replace Solestruck?


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What's gonna replace Solestruck?

Giulia Filippelli

Solestruck made Soleshistory, and it’s irreplaceable in the heart of every fugly shoes lover – it goes without saying. Recently however, we saw the last of it and the website closed down forever, with its last ever sale page reaching 90% discounts on everything left – not much left to shop from, sadly (I was genuinely tearing up when it happened).
I was wondering what websites are going to replenish the market gap of weird shoes e-multibrands, besides I need me some new cyber cool platforms to shop from. You know when you want to find out ‘similar’ brands and Google gets it sooooo incredibly wrong? That happened to me today when I was looking for Online Shopping Stores and Brands Like Solestruck and dear old Google came up with Flatspot, Russellmoccasin and Nushoe – no offense, but not really what I had in mind…

So here’s the good news: I’ll save y’all’s precious time and make a list of some cool a$$ websites perfect for creative shoes hunting!