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How to be part of the London Fashion Week - What have you been missing this September

Giulia Filippelli

There is so much going on during London Fashion Week, yet it is common belief that to be involved you have to be exclusively invited - meaning only popular bloggers, journalists and celebrities can attend. If you are new to all this, in this article you will find out how next time around you can get involved in some very cool events, which by the way are so much more than runaways!

To find out what and where you can look for next time, we will take you trough a highlights tour of what went down this September 2016. 

After Burberry’s catwalk show on Friday 19th September Burberry launched a partnership with The New Craftsmen at Makers House located at 1 Manette St in Soho. It was open to visitors from 21st – 27th September. The space was home to a selection of Britain’s finest craft makers who will use the space to experiment and create works inspired by Burberry’s collection. The new Burberry womenswear and menswear collections was also be on display and there was literary readings in partnership with Pin Drop every day at 1pm. On top of that there was ticketed events including exclusive in-conversations and live Burberry Acoustic music performances. This was a bloggers friendly event in which you could take pictures of the new showcased collection. 

Carnaby hosted a range of activities to celebrate LFW from live streaming shows on its big screen to workshops, special experiences and offers in stores as well as free beauty treatments in the Carnaby Pampervan parked up on Ganton Street throughout Fashion Week. This was an event both beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. Grazia hosted their Live From London issue live from Carnaby Street: event like these are a very accessible chance to witness the lastest runaway shows. 

From the 15th – 20th September, Gray M.C.A gallery at Gallery 8 on Duke Street St James, hosted an exhibition of the very best of 20th and 21st century fashion illustration, giving the public a chance to access some infamous fashion drawings that appeared in Vogue before - along with some unseen ones. Spaces like these are exceptionally precious to designers, fashion students or art lovers.

Digital events are a space to watch, always. This year's highlight will have to be ASOS looking out for the Girl Boss Gang via its My Big Idea podcasts during LFW. The podcast featured businesswomen and creatives and provides inspiring and practical advice to young women. During LFW each episode featured a 15-minute interview with a fashion industry professional. 

Finally, when you have no clue what is on and what London Fashion Week events you can get involved with, the British Fashion Council will be your week-saver!