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Giulia Filippelli

This October, Khloe Kardashian and fashion executive Emma Grede are launching Good American – a denim-focused fashion brand designed for curvier body shapes. A typical Kardashian strategic business move, or a genuine, heart felt fashion vision? With the new 'Body-Posi' movement spreading in the social media and the recent "Eat clean, Train dirty" mantra Khloe religiously lived by, maybe it is a bit of both. What is certain, is that nothing this brand is was left to chance. Khloe's business partner, Emma Grede, is a renown branding strategist who completed her studies at the London College of Fashion and quickly made a name for herself in the marketing field. Despite her young age, in 2010 Emma became CEO of the ITB Group, a company that has offices in London, New York and LA.

The collection offers three highly-wearable styles to flatter and enhance various body types and will be available in sizes 0-24.

In June 2016, #GirlBosses Emma & Khloe announced they would be looking for girls to be part of their launch campaign via social media, in just two days, over 12,000 people entered and 23 girls were selected to appear in the campaign alongside Khloe. 

"For our launch campaign we wanted to feature girls who embody our values, women that embrace the body they were given- they all entered themselves after all and responded to a simple mission statement on a website. Also it was important to us to get the collection onto the bodies of the women that will become our customers and not just models," says Emma. 

"We wanted to find real girls to join us in this movement," says Khloe "This isn't just about finding the perfect pair of jeans, but embracing your body and being proud of all that you are."

Good American will sell directly to its consumers from October 18th at, as well as in Nordstrom locations around the United States.

As for now, you can follow them on various social media pages @goodamerican.